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In the late 1990ies ) c-art ( was established to show computer generated graphics. After some active years the site has been down for quite a while. I had many things to do and there were other priorities. Meanwhile my interest shifted a bit away from the graphics. Perhaps I will show some again on this site in future. For now, music is the subject of the site. In particular, you can find multi-channel surround music here. Since I know that many music enthusiasts still prefer stereo I also made stereo mixes. However, the surround pieces were made to use the extra dimension. I tried to give a good representation in the stereo but it is not possible to put everything into two channels what was ment for five.

I don't like classifications for my music because I don't really know where to put it. But if I would need to put a label on it I would say that it is something between ambient, new age, electronics, and something else. In any way far from the mainstream.
Just take some time and listen by youself...


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